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Hospo Business Solutions is a consulting company focused on helping business owners in the hospitality industry – working with you to help you understand how to get the most out of your business and what things need to be implemented along the way. 

Hospo Business Solutions offer one on one consulting sessions ranging from weekly, fortnightly to monthly meetings.

We're not about offering a get rich quick service but instead, setting businesses up with the right systems and structures to succeed long term.

Being new to business without spending much time in the hospitality industry, Rohan McCloskey really helped me implement structure and put processes in place. One of the biggest transformations for me was understanding how much profit I should be making and how to do it. Rohan also helped me achieve more profit by understanding how to cost out menus, price things correctly and set budgets. 

- Bobby

It was great working with Rohan McCloskey. His knowledge in the hospitality industry and business in general meant that I was getting information from someone who knew what they were talking about. Rohan gave me access to his procedures, systems, templates and structures that he’s been working on for years which fast-tracked things saving me money. Rohan helped me to understand that running an efficient business behind the scenes is just as important as the client facing side of the business. Rohan also helped with budgets and cost control ensuring we were making the right amount of profit.

- Jorge

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